Important Issues when Choosing Your Wedding Music

Important items not to overlook when choosing your wedding day music

More and more brides are asking me if I can play their favorite song for their wedding ceremony processional, or for the wedding party’s processional, or even for the recessional portion, instead of the typical wedding music that their parents had for their wedding.

I wholeheartedly say YES…ABSOLUTELY YES!

It is your day and you should be able to have the music that you love, which may not be the traditional music that your parents loved.

Can I choose some of my favorite popular songs for my wedding ceremony? Yes! Call Arnie today to chat about it. 732-995-1082.

To assist couples with a couple’s  music selections, I compiled “Arnie’s Wedding Ceremony Music Guide“.  It consists of a great many songs that would be appropriate for most any wedding ceremony….traditional AND nontraditional.  For a partial list of songs, check out Arnie’s Song List.

You know, those classic songs that everybody loves.  Like “All I Ask Of You“, from Phantom of the Opera, and “Endless Love“, by Lionel Richie, and the theme from “Ice Castles“.  The ones that are timeless and that everyone knows from 20-80 years of age.

I painstakingly went through the lyrics from each of those songs, just to make sure that they didn’t describe the girl who left her guy for some other dude, or visa versa. (By the way, my wedding music guide is available free just for the asking – just send me an email or call me at 732-995-1082.

But sometimes you have a song in mind that is not so popular, and you and your fiance REALLY love it.  It’s your song and nobody else’s.  Since I play primarily by ear (I do, of course, read music, but typically no sheet music is needed), I can learn it after just listening to it a few times.

My fiance and I have some favorite songs? Can you play them for me? Of course Arnie can! Call him at 732-995-0182.

So don’t feel that you absolutely need to have the traditional wedding music if you want to make your ceremony more personal and memorable. Your favorite songs can frame one of the most important days of your life!

NJ Pianist Arnie Abrams for all your favorite live music. 732-995-1082.

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