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About One of the Best Pianists in New Jersey for Your Event: Meet Arnie Abrams

NJ Pianist Arnie Abrams at the formerly Acqua Ristorante in Raritan, NJ

Arnie at a cocktail hour in a Philadelphia mansion

Arnie at The Palace in Somerset, NJ

New Jersey Piano Player Arnie Abrams for the Best Live Piano Music in NJ, NYC & Philadelphia

Arnie Abrams, one of the best pianists in New Jersey,  is a professional piano player located in central Freehold, NJ. Arnie started playing piano at the early age of 5.  At that young age, he began copying the hand movements of his father, an accomplished, self-taught pianist in his own right. His dad played exclusively by ear, and despite the fact that he could not read a single note, Howard Abrams knew and could play thousands of songs, all by ear. Arnie also realized that he was blessed with perfect pitch, which helps him enormously when he works with many of the talented New Jersey musicians and vocalists.Howard’s musical signature was his high-energy ‘Harlem Stride‘ style, which Arnie ‘inherited’, and is what he is known for in the local New Jersey, metro New York City & Philadelphia area today, along with his talented ear for picking up songs quickly and playing them after just hearing them once or twice on the radio

Arnie studied classical, pop and jazz piano in his early years in New Haven, and later in the Buffalo, New York area. Longing to play the more popular tunes, Arnie’s dad taught him how to play by “ear” (without the use of sheet music) and taught him many of the most wonderful standards that were so popular during his musical golden era (the Great American Song Book).

This NJ Pianist later worked as a booking agent and performing musician for Richard Neal Productions in Hamden, CT, where he learned the wedding and music business and worked with some of the finest musicians and vocalists in many different and diverse venues. Arnie began his musical career in the New Haven, CT area, playing piano in many restaurants and piano bars including The Recovery Room Restaurant (an upscale restaurant & bar that was connected to a hospital!), Tandom’s, The Summit House, 500 Blake Street, and App’s Ristorante in his hometown of West Haven, just to name a few.

Now, as one of the most highly acclaimed piano players in NJ, Arnie has been performing at all types of events for over 20 years. Arnie serves the entire New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia area, and can easily travel to your location to make your event a memorable one. Whatever the occasion, live music from Arnie Abrams Entertainment always produces an elegant and fun atmosphere, creating a lasting impression for you and your guests. Always ready to perform your favorite requests, Arnie and his team of talented musicians will make your special event truly special!

Arnie's Musical Style, Influences, and Versality

Arnie combines his classical and jazz-trained techniques, along with the ‘Harlem Stride’ style, enthusiasm and “heart” that his father passed onto him. The result is the gift that he shares with his audiences for performing many of the most popular tunes produced over the past 100+ years.  Arnie also works with many of the best NJ pianists, violinists, guitarists. and vocalists.

Arnie Abrams grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, so many of his favorite musicians and artists are from that period. His influences include, Billy Joel, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, James Taylor, Chicago, Eagles, Jim Brinkman, Burt Bacharach, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Harry Connick, Jr., Michael Feinstein, Broadway Show Tunes, and many, many others.  Click here to find a partial song list.

Today, in addition to weddings, private parties and corporate events, you’ll find  out more about this New Jersey piano player when you run into him at a birthday or anniversary party playing classical, popular & jazz piano at upscale New Jersey restaurants such as Raven & The Peach in Fair Haven, NJ.

Arnie leading a sing a long in NYC.

Arnie tickling the ivories.

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