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New Jersey song writer, Arranger and Pianist Arnie Abrams

NJ Pianist Arnie Abrams Can Help You Write Your Songs

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Arnie Abrams will help you with your raw song idea

Let Arnie work his magic on your song to make it shine through.

Song arranger and pianist Arnie Abrams can help combine your raw song melody with a professional arrangement and orchestration to result in your perfect hit.

Whether it is arrangement, orchestration, or assistance with instrumentation, Arnie uses his 20 + years as a solo performer, arranger and orchestrator to help you with that song melody that you’ve been working on but just can’t finish.  And he is much more affordable than you may think. This versatile central New Jersey song arranger and pianist will add that special touch to your unfinished musical piece.

Performing and arranging for over 20 years on the east coast, Arnie Abrams serves the central Jersey, north Jersey, and south Jersey areas, as well as the metro New York City and Philadelphia region, and can easily travel to your NJ, NYC, or Philly home or studio to turn your incomplete song into a finished masterpiece.

Arnie is the Assistant Vice President for Banner Records and is responsible for some of the finest arrangements. Arnie combines his classically trained technique with the talent, style, and enthusiasm to produce a wonderful musical arrangement for your masterpiece. This unique combination makes Arnie Abrams your number one choice if you are looking to hire a New Jersey songwriter or arranger to help put that final touch on your unfinished song or musical idea.

Arnie Abrams will help you with your raw song idea

Do you need help writing or finishing your song? Does your song need some instrumental assistance, orchestration or arrangement? Call New Jersey pianist Arnie Abrams!

Arnie will travel to your location in New Jersey

Arnie has a flair for arranging with piano, strings, horns, woodwinds, and percussion.  Typically, all that is required is a raw melody or sound musical concept to work with.  Email your raw mp3 file over to Arnie and he will help you finish your work.  Or Arnie can travel to your home or studio to work on some creative ideas with you.

Free consultation is always available for evaluating your music and to go over your goals. So when you need to hire a song arranger and pianist to complete that unfinished song in New Jersey, metro New York City, or Philadelphia, contact Arnie Abrams.


Some of the best holiday parties involve a sing-along led by Arnie – guaranteed a great and memorable time for you and your guests!   So when you need New Jersey Christmas and holiday party music throughout NJ, New York City, or Philadelphia, contact Arnie Abrams today at (732) 995-1082 or via email at!