Wedding Music in New Jersey-Indoor OR Outdoor Music

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Music in NJ by Pianist Arnie Abrams – Live Music for Your Indoor OR Outdoor Wedding in New Jersey

Do You Need Outdoor Jersey Shore Wedding Music For Your New Jersey Wedding?

Getting married on a Jersey Shore beach?  Need some Jersey shore wedding music? Arnie Abrams is your ticket to live music for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Pianist Arnie has some of the best and most versatile professional musical equipment for your outdoor wedding music in New Jersey, whether it is a garden ceremony or patio cocktail hour.

Ahh…The Challenges of Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Music in NJ

CubismMost all outdoor events, whether they are outdoor Jersey shore weddings, cocktail parties, or other celebrations that take you into Mother Nature’s realm, present challenges due to equipment or electrical constraints. Outdoor Jersey Shore wedding music in New Jersey is always a challenge. Beach front and backyard weddings present additional challenges.

man-lifting-heavy-pianoMusicians typically do not want to (or simply can’t) accommodate couples for outdoor wedding ceremony music for NJ weddings, since those events require much more planning, labor, and specialized musical and sound equipment, which can put undue stress on the musician’s expensive and sensitive equipment.  Jersey shore wedding music can be a problem for many musicians.  Arnie Abrams specializes in outdoor New Jersey weddings, and provides the finest sound quality with his professional keyboards, equipment and sound systems.

Arnie’s Professional Keyboards and Sound Systems for Outdoor Weddings and Parties

Arnie has a solution through this problem! He has several professional keyboards and sound systems, that are versatile enough for smaller or larger outdoor venues.

Arnie’s Special keyboards remove those potential problems that most musicians are likely to have.  You can count on the quality and authentic sound you expect.

A piano sounding like a grand piano, a violin sounding like a violin, and a horn sounding like a horn, and professional battery-powered equipment to handle most any situation where electricity is simply not available.


I received a request like this one from a bride-to-be:

“We are getting married this summer in a very private setting–in a public park by some trees in the middle of a field. The park is…well…its a park. There are no electrical hookups. Do I need to rent a generator?

No worries! Whether your outdoor wedding or event takes place in a grassy field, an outdoor party, out in the woods, or on the beach, as long as there is accessibility, Arnie Abrams will perform all of your favorite tunes. Operating so close to the New Jersey shore, outdoor beach weddings and parties are Arnie’s specialties.

When you think of indoor OR outdoor wedding music in New Jersey, think of Arnie Abrams.

Your Jersey Shore wedding ceremony music in NJ needs to be perfect.  Call Arnie today at (732) 995-1082 to make the live music perfect for your wedding day!